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Overhead Power Line Safety

Looking above you is always a good idea. It’s easy to forget when you’re focused on a project, but be mindful of where power lines are when you pull out your ladder.

Ladders and TV antennas should never be placed near power lines.

Also, never climb trees near power lines.

Working near overhead high-voltage power lines

If you’re going to be performing any work within 10 feet of overhead high voltage power lines, you need to call the Utilities Protection Center during its regular business hours at least 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, prior to beginning such work. It’s the law!

Notification allows the owner or operator of the power lines to take appropriate safety measures to prevent injury to persons and property, and interruptions of utility service resulting from accidental or inadvertent contact with high-voltage electric lines. You can contact the UPC at 800-282-7411.

Going to be digging?

In addition, you need to call for that, too. You can dial 811 or go to The call to 811 is free.