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Reduce paper clutter by enrolling in E-bill, Tri-State EMC’s paperless billing solution

E-bill gives TSEMC members the ability to view information about their current bill, bill payment history, electricity use and monthly cost comparisons, as well as to make payments.

When you sign up for E-bill, you will be notified by email, each month, that your bill is ready to be viewed. This email will have a link to your current monthly bill.

For our members who pay their bill by Automatic Draft or Automatic Credit Card Payment, E-bill eliminates the paper billing you receive and gives you the same information via the Internet! Anytime you need a hard copy of your bill, just print it out directly from your computer. Statements are available online for six months, and 15 months of kwh-use history is also available.

E-bill is provided through a secure server, so your information is private and safe. E-bill is fast, informative, simple and secure. Call TSEMC at 706-492-3251 or email us to sign up for E-bill today!