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Energy Right Heat Pump Loans

Tri-State Electric Membership Corporation and TVA have partnered through the energy right® Program to promote wise use of electricity for our residential members by offering financing for the installation of a heat pump system in existing homes. These services are briefly described below.

The Electric Heat Pump Does It Best

The electric heat pump is both a central heating and cooling system. It cools like any other air conditioning system, removing summer heat and humidity from your home. In the winter, a heat pump heats more efficiently than any other system you can buy.

Here’s How It Works

The heat pump is efficient because, in the winter, the heat pump transfers heat from outside air to warm your home. Unlike a flame-type heating system, your heat pump does not have to produce any heat. Instead it transfers heat from the outside air and releases it inside your home. There is always some heat in the air, even in the winter. The heat transfer is accomplished with refrigerant that is circulated through the system by a compressor, similar to your refrigerator. In summer, the process is reversed. The heat pump removes heat and humidity from inside and transfers it outside, thereby cooling your home.

Benefits of Your Power Distributor Heat Pump Program

  1. Obtain bids through the Quality Contractor Network. These contractors have met requirements, set by us and the Tennessee Valley Authority, for knowing how to select the right electric heat pump for your home.
  2. Finance your heat pump through TSEMC. It’s easy! The loan can be for as long as ten years. The payment is added to your monthly electric bill.
  3. The money you save by installing an energy efficient heat pump will help pay for itself while you enjoy year round comfort.

Please view the Quality Contractor list to see the local TVA approved vendors in the Tri-State area and contact them to begin the process.