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About the Foundation

What is the Tri-State EMC Foundation?

The Tri-State Electrical Membership Corporation Foundation, Incorporated is a 501 (c)(3) organization set up to represent the members of Tri-State EMC and the funds collected through Operation Round Up® for charitable purposes. The mission of the Foundation is to distribute money collected from Tri-State EMC members through Operation Round UP to worthwhile, charitable purposes that will improve lives and respond to immediate needs within the counties where the cooperative provides electric service.

Who can apply for funding from the Foundation?

Organizations, groups, and charities in any of the counties served by Tri-State EMC can apply for funding. Based on Foundation guidelines, non-profits, community-based or volunteer organizations, civic organizations, shelters, and hospitals may apply for grants.

What are the limitations on grant applications?

Applications from organizations should be targeted to program support. Causes covered by these grants can include human need; education and development; family enrichment; literacy; health education, awareness, and advocacy. Financial awards are generally limited no more than $10,000 annually to any group, organization, charity or like organization.

How are decisions on grant requests made?

Organizations that seek funding from the Tri-State Electrical Membership Corporation Foundation Incorporated must complete a very thorough grant application. Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation board of directors, who may request additional information, presentations or determine if personal visits are necessary for fact gathering.

How can an organization apply for a grant?

You will need to complete the application and return it to the office.